Personal service on a global scale.

Proactive Communications, Inc. is an internationally-trusted, facilities-based telecommunications and IT infrastructure solutions company. We are known for providing reliable, secure, enterprise-class transport communications to energy and mining companies, emergency and first responders, government agencies, and military entities on a global scale — with unparalleled support and an unwavering commitment to personal service. 

Over a decade ago, we began serving the Military as a technology consulting firm, but we quickly expanded our business to provide network engineering, training and field support for a number of Military and Government organizations. In 2003, we continued our expansion, opening a Middle East branch office in Kuwait City. In 2004, we joined forces with FEMA in support of the Katrina Disaster Assistance Program, where we built and delivered 44 mobile communications vehicles and three fixed communications sites. As our reputation for service and technology expertise grew, Proactive went on to deliver end-to-end IT services for reconstruction in the Middle East and integrated networking solutions around the world.

Today, Proactive provides worldwide network access via commercial satellite, wireless mobility, terrestrial access, voice over IP, IT professional services, and IT infrastructure. Proactive owns and operates a worldwide satellite infrastructure across five teleports, eight satellites, a 24x7 Network Operations Center, and an FCC-licensed Voice over IP (VOIP) Interconnect Service. Each teleport and datacenter has dedicated Internet access, emergency power, redundant RF components, and is services by a 24x7 Network Operations and Security Center. We are also a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). More than half of our employees come from a military background, and it is reflected in our organized, disciplined approach to logistics, implementation and management.

Proactive Communication, Inc. is a complete source for total IT network infrastructure solutions, but more importantly, we take honor and pride in our ability to deliver extraordinary service to our customers anytime - anywhere.

End-to-end capabilities.

As a global IT communications integrator, we provide the comprehensive and custom-tailored solutions our customers need to keep them connected around the world. From global satellite solutions to wireless voice and data, we offer highly tailored solutions via transport networks that are rugged, monitored, fully scalable and deployable to the world’s most remote and austere regions—places where other providers don't usually offer service. But providing the solutions is only one aspect of helping our customers communicate. Accurate, on-time implementation is just as critical to our customers' success. From design and testing to procurement, logistics, installation, and operations, we execute every aspect of even the most complex communications requirements, no matter how far across the globe it extends.

End-to-end dedication.

Since we implement the solutions we design, we’re committed every step of the way. We don’t recommend a solution, deliver it and just hand it off to a subcontractor to maintain and manage. We install, test and monitor to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency for you. With Proactive as your end-to-end integrator, you eliminate the need for the time-consuming management of multiple vendors. We are accountable for every facet of the engagement with eyes focused on our customers' success. 

End-to-end support.

Wherever you are with your communications systems, we provide complete technology lifecycle support, allowing multiple technology generations to coexist within a unified, customer-driven technology transition strategy. So, whether your mobile phones are brand new or 5 years old, Proactive can support them. In fact, when we are in the planning phase, we make sure we integrate legacy systems and equipment into your communications solution in order to maximize your ROI.