40 Sites
in 60 Days

We own the engagement. 


One of Proactive’s potential clients in the Middle East needed to establish 40 remote sites in 60 days. They were looking at several communications partners to accomplish the task. But there was a particular challenge that needed immediate attention: their approved shipper was having difficulties.

Shipments for previous projects were delayed in the United States, in Germany, or in Bahrain. It was taking weeks for shipments to arrive, deliveries were inaccurate, and equipment was getting lost in the process. Timeline blown. Deadlines missed. Disruptions everywhere.  


After careful review of the situation, we determined we could handle the entire job, all 40 sites. That meant not only providing an enormous amount of equipment, it meant augmenting the Proactive team with 170 new people, training them, and deploying them.

Before the teams could implement the solution, we had to get the equipment to each location and get it there fast. To do this, Proactive chartered a 747 cargo aircraft and loaded it with $4.5M of tagged, labeled, and pre-inventoried equipment for each site. Two days later, the aircraft landed on an airstrip in Southwest Asia and Proactive personnel immediately processed the equipment into the customer inventory management system.

Within 72 hours of arrival, all equipment was inventoried and deployed. A mere 18 hours after landing, equipment began arriving at the remote sites. And just to make sure everything was handled seamlessly, our Director of Logistics rode with the equipment.


Everyone on the Proactive team worked tirelessly to achieve what was considered by the client to be unachievable. We were able to complete the job weeks ahead of schedule and we saved the customer almost $250K in shipping costs. 

Well done, Proactive team. 

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