Clearly present in aftermath of Katrina.


Before the morning of August 29th, 2005, New Orleans was a place to let loose, dance, and live life to the fullest—nothing close to what we would call an “austere” environment. But when Category 5 Hurricane Katrina made landfall, New Orleans became a place of suffering and chaos.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) looked to Proactive to develop, implement, and maintain a concept for mobile emergency communications in the disaster area.


Working closely with FEMA officials prior to Katrina’s landfall, the Proactive team devised a mobile communications solution that would support first responders in New Orleans.  

Proactive designed the network, ordered equipment, and outfitted the deployment team with food, water, spare parts and specially equipped vehicles. The team deployed less than 48 hours after Katrina rolled through New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Within five days, they established a fully operational basecamp at the fair grounds in Baton Rouge, right next door to FEMA operations headquarters to ensure complete transparency. Issues were resolved in person, in real-time. Not from hundreds of miles away on a video monitor or over the phone.

We operated and managed 44 mobile nodes and three fixed sites over a nine-month period, providing the highest level of support throughout the engagement.


While it was no time for celebration, we were proud to offer our expertise and assistance during such a trying time for the residents of Louisiana. We made sure that the brave men and women who ran towards the chaos had the ability to communicate effectively, ultimately helping them distribute supplies, save lives, and reunite families. 

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