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As part of its mission to promote a fully independent and self-reliant Iraqi government, the US Army needed to establish a secure communications infrastructure for the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. During the planning phase, Army officials determined that a traditional wireline network could be easily tampered with or sabotaged by insurgents and opted for a wireless solution.

Since the wireless network was to be deployed in such a hypersensitive security environment, the US Army looked to Proactive for a secure wireless network solution that could resist espionage attempts and interception of data.


To meet the strict requirements and demands, Proactive designed and deployed a total network infrastructure solution that used VoIP over VSAT to safely connect provincial headquarters, police headquarters, ports of entry, and Department of Border Enforcement sites.

As an end-to-end systems integrator, Proactive built the satellite network with a diverse and powerful array of technologies. The network included best-of-breed components—satellite services form Loral, VoIP phones from Cisco, and switches from 3Com and Netgear. To ensure the security of voice and data, Proactive implemented Blue Ridge BorderGuard™ encryption technology, which rendered the network virtually impenetrable.

To further ensure network uptime, Proactive remotely managed and monitored all network operations and activity from its Network Operations Security Center in Killeen, Texas. Proactive also employed IP acceleration and QoS engineering to eliminate the high-latency typical of fully meshed networks.


Once the network was fully deployed, it became the world’s largest secure VoIP over VSAT network, connecting vital departments throughout the Iraqi government. It is remotely managed and configured half the world away and operates at half the latency of typical fully meshed satellite networks.

As of this writing, elements of the original network remain in operation in various forms throughout the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense into 2013. 

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