Energy and Mining

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Modern resource exploration and production have reached new levels of sophistication, pushing operations to the edges of the Earth. Our Energy & Mining clients operate in some of the most unforgiving and technically challenging environments on the planet. We deploy right alongside them to ensure that communications stay up and running—downtime is simply too costly a proposition for our customers. 

Proactive is an FCC-licensed VoIP provider that delivers voice, data, and video services to urban and remote locations around the world. We also offer SCADA, On and Offshore, and Unconventional Oil solutions, and even Mobile Emergency Response Trailers and Vehicles. Our broad portfolio of services is customized to meet the unique needs of your operation, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors to solve your complex IT challenges.

We don’t just provide services for Energy & Mining.  Proactive’s Energy & Mining team is staffed with industry veterans who have worked in the field for major operations.  They have hands-on experience with the stringent requirements and deadlines of your high-risk, sometimes remote operations. They understand your business.

And at all times, day and night, our Network Operations Security Center team is monitoring your network.  So you're never alone, even in the most remote outpost.