First Response/Emergency

Robust emergency communications support anywhere.

Having full communication capabilities in the aftermath of a disaster or during an emergency event saves lives, reunites families and keeps the public in touch.  It’s critical to your mission’s success, but it’s also something that you do not want to worry about during an emergency situation. You just want it to work. Proactive is an FCC-licensed VoIP communications provider, with solid history of delivering exceptional communications services in the most challenging situations. Our emergency response mobile communications solutions have been used by federal and state agencies and commercial organizations in response to natural disasters, crisis operations, and in surge support operations.

We are experts at building customer-specific command centers for your mission. Your command center can include multiple forms of transport, including commercial infrastructure and satellite communications to ensure dependable communications in the most severe situations and austere conditions.

From auto-deploy communications packages and trailers, to fully integrated, operable vehicles and satellite phones, Proactive offers a range of mobile response communications options to meet your ER and DR needs. We focus on your complete communications solution, so you can focus on your disaster response efforts.