Military and Government

Whatever it takes, wherever it takes us.

From our earliest days, Proactive has routinely gone where no other provider will go to design and deploy mission-critical communications systems for military entities and government agencies of every level. 

We have strong connections to the US Military and US Government—more than half of our employees come from military and government careers, including our top executives. Our military heritage makes us uniquely equipped to meet the demands of high-risk, high-security engagements in almost any region and environment. We understand the sensitive nature of military and government operations, and we are experts at maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and integrity throughout our engagements.

But what truly sets Proactive apart from other military and government contractors is our local knowledge. Because we have been on the ground in foreign countries and remote locations, we know how to operate successfully. And with infrastructure already in place, our customers experience little to no delay in getting connected. We have strong partnerships in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Proactive provides the full spectrum of communications and IT infrastructure services, including global logistics and procurement of various networking and communications hardware, software, and licenses.  And we will deploy personnel with the appropriate certifications and security clearance to suit your mission.  When you have mission-critical, highly confidential, high risk operations, you need Proactive to ensure your mission’s success.