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Contract: DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-001

PCI brings world-class Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) qualifications and experience to fulfill the TEX-AN NG FSS requirements. PCI is a proven FSS and FCC-licensed VoIP service provider with superb technical qualifications, and have successfully provided FSS services in combat and peace; training and disaster relief efforts, and in interoperability demonstrations and nonprofit donations.

PCI owns and operates its own satellite telecommunications infrastructure across five teleports, eight satellites, and three continents. PCI is a facilities-based business and is fully staffed with certified network, security, and Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) engineers, a 24x7 Network Operations Center, mature and auditable business processes, and competitive pricing.

PCI offers three classes of Fixed Satellite Services:

Each class of FSS can support various sizes of office requirements for the DIR customer in remote locations. The PCI South Region service offerings bring internet connectivity to the remote office so that Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony, office applications (Exchange, email, instant message, Microsoft Office Communicator Suite (OCS), etc.) can link back to the central office. The remote area can be the Texas-Mexico border, a disaster area ravaged by a hurricane, a Council of Government working on interoperable communications, or First Responders working in an area where GSM cell and telephone networks are overloaded.

How to Order

  1. For product and pricing information, Customer can access this information from the Contract documents shown below or contact the PCI Director of Sales at 254-699-0067, x101.
  2. When Customer is ready to place an order, Customer will contact DIR Telecommunications at 877-472-4848, option 4 or send an email to the DIR Orders Mailbox
  3. DIR will then place the order with PCI.

Point of Contact

PCI TEX-AN Next Generation Program Manager

Kurt Prokarym
254-699-0067, x102

PCI Director of Sales

>Don Merriman
254-699-0067, x101

Contract Documents

PCI TEX-AN NextGen Contract DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-001
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Contract - Amendment 1
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Attachment C-1 to Exhibit C - Service Offering & Pricing
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Exhibit D - Performance Management
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Appendix B to Exhibit H - Services Description and Rates
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Appendix C to Exhibit H - Ordered Services Description and Service Order Form
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Appendix D to Exhibit H - Specifications and Additional Terms
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Exhibit A to Appendix D - Service Description
PCI TEX-AN NextGen Exhibit I - HUB Subcontracting Plan

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