Communication. The lifeblood of an organization.

Whether across town, in the oilfield, responding to a disaster, or at a remote military office a world away, your personnel must have the ability to efficiently communicate and pass critical information from their locations to headquarters and every place in between.  

Proactive Communications has the ability to design, deliver and manage the true integration of voice, data, Internet and video services and extend those communications to almost any location on Earth. 

Bringing everything together.

Proactive’s Everything over IP (EoIP) service leverages the power of IP routing and integration to deliver interoperability between disparate communications systems, giving you the freedom to overcome geographic and technological boundaries. Our VoIP-ready satellite network can provide your front-line employees secure, dependable last-mile coverage when they need it most, regardless of their geographic location.

Seamless integration

The Everything over IP – Radio Bridge (EoIP-RB) provides seamless voice bridging between radio, Voice over IP (VoIP), both GSM and CDMA cellular, and Land-Mobile Radio (LMR) networks (UHF, VHF, and 700/800Mhz). The EoIP-RB also allows you to bridge cellular and VoIP phone calls into radio networks, and connect any LMR network to another LMR network with the simple flip of a switch.

  • Easily ties into existing VoIP networks for true On-Net (IP-to-IP) calling
  • Supports direct PSTN connectivity for digital or analog PBXs and cellular circuits
  • Supports the complete Cisco 7900© family of VoIP phones and standard 2-Wire POTS phones and fax machines
  • Supports virtually any handheld, professional LMR, push-to-talk radio
  • Built-in local voice call control and voicemail

Secure communication

  • Supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless standards secured with WEP, WPA, or WPA2 using AES encryption for both computers and Cisco Wireless 7921 IP Phones
  • Proactive Communications satellite backhaul supports WPA2 encryption for true end-to-end link security
  • Physical security prevents PSTN network connections from entering radio networks without human intervention

Rapid deployment

Typical deployment time for a three-man team is less than 30 minutes to have all systems established with offsite communications when using Proactive Communications EoIP-RB and Auto-deploy Satellite Systems.

Rich media

  • Video Teleconferencing (VTC)
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) for Broadcast TV and Video Surveillance
  • Collaboration Services
  • Voice Recording & Logging Capabilities (Optional)

A unified organization is an efficient organization.

Rich, robust communication capabilities empower organizations with efficiency and productivity—in the field or in the office. Heralded as “the best VoIP service in the SATCOM industry,” Proactive’s VoIP service over satellite supports the newest features and capabilities in enterprise Unified Communications to keep your business up and running.

As an FCC licensed VoIP Provider and as the provider of one of the largest early-stage VoIP deployments, Proactive offers unified voicemail services, integrated messaging on mobile phones, IP phones, and PC and Mac computers, stateside e.911 compliance, and corporate reception/attendant console capabilities. We support analog, SIP and Cisco SCCP user endpoints for a cost effective enterprise solution that will support your organizations growth needs, from 1 to 100,000 user communications devices.