Network Transport

Do what you do best. Your data will be there.

Companies operating in remote locations depend on high-quality transport links for data transfer, collaboration, training, quality assurance, SCADA, entertainment, and other critical business functions. Companies across the globe depend on Proactive for reliable network transport services. 

The clear choice for satellite transport.

With a broad range of integrated satellite transport services, demonstrated specialized knowledge, flexibility to support a single remote site or large enterprise locations, and in-place, field-tested capabilities, Proactive satellite services are the choice for global enterprises.

Global Infrastructure

We operate our own top-level architecture (TLA) equipment in five teleports around the world—Mt. Jackson, Virginia; Aflenz, Austria; Fucino, Italy; Adelaide/Perth Australia; and Kapolei, Hawaii. We can deliver Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC), and single, multiple node or dedicated Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) network services globally. Our satellite transport services architecture is designed to support the QoS requirements for voice, data or IP and integrated services.

Proactive offers the following services via our secure transport:

  • Fully integrated, FCC-licensed VoIP services
  • Network security services
  • Network acceleration
  • Everything over IP (EoIP)
  • Wireless distribution
  • Content filtering

Our global partners include technology leaders like Cisco, Riverbed, Fortinet, and Microsoft.

Proven, reliable, flexible.

A key building block of the integrated transport network, microwave transport is a viable option for environments that aren’t conducive to traditional land-based construction for copper or optical fiber circuits. Microwave services can be offered over land or water, and on fixed- or limited-movement platforms. 

All primary voice interfaces to terrestrial-based services can be carried over microwave, including POTS telephone lines, foreign exchange services and tail-end hop off for extensions of private voice networks. Microwave services can also provide high-capacity data services with low error rates, low latency and high reliability. 


Advances in technology, including smaller component sizes, have made microwave more cost-effective than ever and simpler to install. Microwave systems typically have lower monthly operating costs than most high-capacity, wide-area terrestrial transport or satellite services.

Proactive supports multiple types of microwave services (in the 2 to 60 GHz range) as a component of our total integrated transport network. Offerings include traditional point-to-point microwave, mesh radio solutions, WiMAX services (802.16), and WiFi services (802.11).

We offer end-to-end microwave transport services:

  • Planning -Technical requirements analysis, budgeting, scheduling and project management
  • Design - Specific solution development, site requirements, engineering services and documentation, procurement, and system integration
  • Deployment - Physical site and path surveys, site construction, tower erection, equipment installation, commissioning, system acceptance testing, and as-built documentation

Cost effective communications. Anywhere.

To provide the most cost effective use of capacity resources, Proactive’s hybrid networks allow for combined bandwidth access methods, including terrestrial, wireless, satellite and cellular technologies in a heterogeneous environment. 

This type of network allows for stable and cost effective communications in the most challenging environments: from urban jungles where frequency spectrum management is essential, to rural drill sites where cellular coverage may be at a premium or nonexistent.

Whatever the design challenge Proactive’s hybrid networks allow for a more integrated infrastructure balancing redundancy, cost and reliability regardless of the deployment environment.

Grounded in superlative service.

Proactive Communications can design and deploy terrestrial links and MPLS. We can integrate the end-to-end Quality of Service engineering so that the entire network is functioning optimally.