Security Services

For a safe and secure enterprise, from the desktop to the cloud.

As a complete integrated solutions and telecommunications provider, we focus on designing and implementing security throughout the delivery chain. Proactive’s Network Security Platform offers comprehensive, enterprise-level solutions for all customer network-connected devices.

For optimal network management, event identification, and remediation, our highly trained, customer-focused security team employs the best-in-class network security and management systems from trusted partners like Cisco, McAfee, Fortinet, Riverbed and SonicWALL.

The Proactive Network Security Platform allows high-performance monitoring of all your locations from the satellite to your branch offices. This eliminates the need to employ trained security personnel to manage sensors across multiple locations, reducing operational costs.

The Proactive Network Security Platform is composed of four security areas:

  • Edge Security - Intrusion detection, Intrusion prevention, firewalls
  • Endpoint Security - Encryption, token-based authentication, email security, web security
  • Managed Security - Device management, application security, event correlation, custom reporting
  • Security Consulting - Compliance evaluation and solutions, vulnerability assessments

Protecting the ecosystem

Broad threat prevention: Protects infrastructure and endpoints from zero-day, DoS, encrypted, and SYN flood attacks, as well as spyware, botnets, malware, Voice over IP (VoIP) vulnerabilities, phishing, worms, Trojans, and peer-to-peer tunneling vulnerabilities.

Out-of-the-box default blocking: Delivers “Recommended for Blocking” policy based on SANs and DoD best practices. This provides proactive blocking for hundreds of attacks as the base policy at date of install.

Risk-aware intrusion prevention: Prioritized risk management blocks the most relevant threats and attacks on your network based on your site-specific traffic profile and over 3,000 current multi-trigger signatures with stateful traffic inspection.