Emergency Responders

Serving those who save lives.

In the aftermath of natural disasters and during emergency situations, first responders face enormous communication challenges that hinder their ability to efficiently manage crises. When existing terrestrial communications infrastructures fail, mobile satellite communications solutions deliver reliable integrated communications where and when they’re needed.

From auto-deploy communications packages and trailers, to fully integrated, operable vehicles, Proactive offers a range of mobile response solutions to meet your Emergency Response and Disaster Relief needs.

A history of first responder support.

In response to natural disasters, crisis operations, and during military surge support operations, federal and state agencies, as well as commercial organizations, have counted on Proactive emergency response communications solutions. In the weeks after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA relied on Proactive to establish communications in the disaster area—we built, delivered and managed 43 mobile command centers to support relief efforts.

Mobile command centers for your mission.

With our specialized experience establishing and managing IT and communications infrastructure during wartime, we are experts at building customer-specific command centers for missions. Mobile command centers utilize multiple forms of transport, including commercial infrastructure and satellite communications to ensure dependable communications in the most severe situations and austere conditions.

We are always there.

All of Proactive’s mobile communications solutions are supported by our Network Operations Security Center (NOSC), which provides enterprise-class managed technical support to commercial, government, military and Fortune 100 organizations globally. Our highly trained support teams help manage and monitor the health of emergency communications infrastructures while providing an unparalleled end-user experience.

Located in Killeen, Texas, Proactive’s NOSC services include planning and design, 24/7 monitoring, escalations, event research and remediation. Our NOSC operations currently monitor over 300 sites and over 3,000 nodes worldwide.