On & Offshore Networks

Offshore is stretching communication boundaries.

Networks and data services supporting offshore drilling and production are among the most demanding communications environments in the world today. These mission critical, real-time communications networks provide voice, data and video services to support operational requirements between offshore locations and onshore offices. They also support local wireless, Wi-Fi connectivity and personal cell phone use. When you add support for offshore remote unmanned and subsea activities, it’s easy to see how the offshore industry is driving a transformation in advanced communications systems.

Proactive provides a full range of communication services including:

  • Stabilized antenna satellite services
  • Stabilized and traditional microwave services
  • WiMAX services (802.16)
  • Point-to-multipoint services
  • Mesh radio solutions
  • Wi-Fi services (802.11)
  • Marine push-to-talk mobile radio services

We are experts at employing network acceleration technologies in order to further optimize bandwidth-constrained networks. And all our services have been deployed and used in remote, harsh environments around the globe.

Our customers know that one single telecommunications technology will not meet all their requirements in an offshore or remote location. As a systems integrator, Proactive provides customer specific, tailored communications solutions using multiple transport and network technologies integrated into each offshore situation. That’s the only way to truly support all that the operation needs: real-time transfer of field operational data, voice services, video services, office extensions to offshore facilities, telemetry, monitoring and control applications, remote training/briefing capabilities, along with morale, recreation, and welfare options for the crew and rig hands.