Empowering individuals with information.

With advancements in information and communication technology, more raw data is available and waiting to be transformed into actionable information. One of the fundamental components in the connection of people and information, a SCADA system provides you with a composite of remote site instrumentation, controllers, local and wide area telecommunications, and software functionality—all integrated into company back office systems and applications.

As a network systems integrator, Proactive designs and delivers total SCADA solutions customized to your exact needs. Our integrated approach to system design creates solutions that work within a multi-vendor, multi-technology existing equipment base—our solutions also employ newer, more efficient technologies.

Flexibility maximizes investment, minimizes cost.

Our modular system architecture allows for ease in system expansion, supporting rapid deployments, upgrades, restoration of service and integration of newer technology elements. This design approach embraces the full technology lifecycle, allowing for simultaneous use of multiple technology generations—we help protect capital investments and minimize operational costs.

As a licensed telecommunications service provider, Proactive delivers world-class network services by integrating wireless, satellite, and terrestrial network solutions to support SCADA data transmission along with other voice, data and video requirements.