Unconventional Oil

Keeping pace with modern exploration.

In the biggest oil industry boom since the mid-1980s, technology is paving the way for unconventional exploration and production techniques. Not only is this altering the traditional methodologies used in oil and gas well extraction, these same unconventional methods are pushing the traditional boundaries of information and telecommunication networks and the services needed to support such operations.

Wanted: instantly available, instantly scalable, ubiquitous communications infrastructure.

Operational requirements scale up and down at ever increasing rates, and the supporting technology must keep pace. Geography presents additional challenges for multiple technologies. At the same time, there is demand for more creative, less costly, technology-rich, longer-term solutions that can still provide secure, mission critical, high availability, real-time communications.

As a system integrator and service provider, Proactive provides full lifecycle support for unconventional operations. We design, deploy and manage ever-evolving solutions that can keep up with operational demands. These solutions include modularized integrated services that can easily and seamlessly be arranged and re-arranged over the various phases of the field development. They are also built to grow and evolve with your budgetary lifecycle. Finally, expertise in logistics and equipment sparing ensure speed of response and flexible, in-region tech support, even for the most challenging circumstances.

Proactive is your total solution for integrated transport, network and application solutions anywhere, anytime.