Our Approach

We are present for our customers from start to finish. And beyond that.

For every Proactive customer, we become deeply involved—in their business, in their challenges and in their goals. We endeavor to create precise solutions, tailored for your business, in order to reach those goals. And many times, those solutions require us to operate in some fairly austere and remote environments. Not simply because we can, but because you need us to. Our capabilities include expertise in operating in foreign environments and negotiating the unique obstacles they offer. If you need to be there, we have boots on the ground, operating fluently and efficiently. If you need remote communications set up hours after a disaster, we are there. If you need a regional office registered for business to be host-nation compliant, we are there. If your normal, customer-approved shipper cannot deliver effectively, we are there.

We’re committed to doing what it takes to get your communications up and running, so you can do what you do best. 

Our priority is you.

We measure our success only by your success. No matter how complex the assignment, no matter how great the challenge, we are fully committed. To be a true end-to-end communications integrator, that’s how you have to do business—to own the engagement, to be responsible for every last detail, whether it was assigned or not.

Understanding your business.

We’ve built our reputation on helping clients in the most remote and often hostile environments. But whether your network is in an urban setting or in middle of nowhere, you can expect us to thoroughly understand your business.

“Perhaps the most important thing we do is understand the customer, their lines of business, and the challenges they're experiencing... We strive to understand the complexity of their job and what keeps them up at night.”

Larry Hall, Chief Operating Officer

It’s not just your industry, what your business does or what you sell, it’s also about the processes and platforms you rely on to run your business. We look at the whole picture, and then we plan accordingly, down to the very last detail.

We take the time to find out where you are and where you want to go. That’s how we build relationships that last.

In the field alongside you.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at our headquarters or the comfort of our offices. Our experts are in their boots right alongside you, wherever you’re communicating. We’re used to that. Whether you need to communicate with your team in the Middle East or monitor data on a rig in Russia, our dedicated technical experts are right there with you.

Open communication. Always.

In the kind of work our clients do, there’s no room for gaps in communication that lead to costly misunderstandings. We work diligently to remove all obstacles to communication—network, inter-personal, business—so clear lines of sight between us, your employees, your networks and your clients remain solid.

When you work with Proactive, you can expect your dedicated project team to be available to you at any time. And through a convenient app for your mobile device, you will always have the ability to monitor your systems from wherever you’re working.

A custom solution every time.

Proactive is 100% technology agnostic—we aren’t tethered to a proprietary mix of products to force on our clients. We have the freedom to build the right solution for every engagement, which means you will never get a pre-packaged, out-of-the-box solution. You get a custom solution tailored to your specific needs every time.

Flexible architecture.

We design our solutions with a modular, flexible product architecture that allows for the rapid development of custom communication packages. This inherent flexibility in our solutions enables us to meet all network requirements, including non-standard, site-specific requirements under common network architecture.

And since we’re not limited by any individual technology platform, we provide you with multiple transport options: satellite, terrestrial, Wi-Fi, meshed wireless, point-to-point wireless, Telco, and Internet.

Support wherever you are.

Whether you’re establishing communications in a remote, hard-to-reach location, or just around the corner from one of our offices, Proactive offers comprehensive global-to-local customer support to ensure your communications remain intact and operational.

Our uniquely structured, Three-Tiered Field Operations Platform gives us a global view of your systems and the ability to provide rapid, local responses to service issues.

 Tier 1 –Field Support

Our customer support starts with technical support in the field. Each team is led by in-region Proactive field engineers using local technical resources. They are supplied by a Proactive-distributed logistics system that provides in-region spares for all Proactive-supported services ensuring the fastest possible response.

Tier 2 – Regional Support

A Proactive regional program manager (RPM) is directly connected to the customer's in-region management team. Issues are jointly solved in real-time, not from a screen view hundreds of miles away. The Proactive RPM provides coordination and direct escalation to the Proactive technical and executive management teams for any action needed to support mission critical systems and services.

Tier 3 – Global Support

To assure maximum uptime, reliability and security, all field resources are supported by a world-class Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) in Killeen, TX. The NOSC provides a global view of all customer systems, offering end-to-end, 24x7, real-time monitoring of all services and providers.

Additionally, the NOSC provides full trouble ticket support, customer portals, real-time network statistics, trouble ticket analysis, and customized reporting—all directly accessible by our clients from any location.

Protecting your bottom line.

Our team of network professionals is passionate about finding, testing and deploying new technologies and creating policies that reduce network cost, improve network quality and throughput, and most importantly, improve customer productivity.

With our focus on innovation, and with our competitive pricing models, we’ve been able to help many clients achieve annual cost reductions associated with time keeping, logistics management, and other database driven applications.

Extending life of legacy equipment

More and more every day, your organization is under pressure to create value and to reduce costs, while maintaining outstanding service for your customers and end users. Leveraging existing assets is an important driver of cost reductions, so we design with this in mind, incorporating existing assets where we can.

With the emergence of new technologies like Everything Over Internet Protocol (EOIP), we’ve been able to seamlessly incorporate existing assets—like mobile devices, VoIP, landlines and radios—into innovative, cost-effective and fully functioning communications solutions for our clients.

Engineered with Quality Control in mind

We know that we’re only as successful as the quality of our products and services. That’s why Quality Control (QC) is built into our overall management and engineering processes. To further ensure your highest satisfaction, we integrate QC into risk management, program/project management, and data and configuration management throughout the project lifecycle.

We practice best practices

We employ a QC\QA process that adheres to industry best practices, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards 1028-1988 and 12207 and the Program Management Institute (PMI) Program Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).