Our Global Reach

Global operators choose Proactive.

If your enterprise operates internationally, does business with foreign nations, or has plans to enter the global market, Proactive is ready when you are. We have people on the ground who work right alongside you in the field. We have a proven track record for logistics and end-to-end network and systems integration on a global scale. We also have the infrastructures in place to support global organizations. And we have the resolve to go anywhere to support you. 

International reach. Personal touch.

Proactive is a creative, nimble operation with proven enterprise capability and a global footprint. We go wherever you need us and do what it takes to ensure your success. 

Headquartered in Killeen, Texas, Proactive has offices in strategic locations around the world.

Global Reach Map

Headquarters   Headquarter Icon

Killeen, Texas

Regional Offices   Regional Office Icon

Dulles, Virginia

Houston, Texas

Mexico City, Mexico

Perth, Australia

Baghdad, Iraq

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Bagram, Afghanistan

Teleports   Teleport Icon

Kapolei, Hawaii

Mt. Jackson, Virginia

Aflenz, Austria

Fucino, Italy

Adelaide, Australia

Proven global coverage.

As a facilities-based communications provider, Proactive owns and operates telecommunications infrastructure in two data centers and five teleports across the globe, creating a safe, resilient and sustainable network to support your business. This powerful global network of teleports enables us to service and support your communications systems in almost any location on Earth.

Supported by data centers in Virginia and Texas, our teleports are located in:

  • Kapolei, Hawaii
  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • Aflenz, Austria
  • Fucino, Italy
  • Adelaide, Australia

Each teleport location includes carrier-class routing and switching, satellite telecommunications, network acceleration, content filtering, network security, remote monitoring and reporting appliances. The teleports also have redundant power generation, 24x7 engineering support, and multiple terrestrial links to the cloud. Each teleport network is monitored and managed by the Proactive Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC).


We go where others won’t.

Where protests rage and bullets fly. When disaster strikes and chaos reigns. Where unforgiving climates and desolate lands push people and equipment to their limits. We go wherever you need us.   

“We have served clients in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Iraq, Afghanistan, and back home with FEMA during hurricane Katrina. We have built a total network infrastructure solution that is rapidly deployable just about anywhere in the world. And our management team is front and center to offer support, guidance and accountability.”

Marc LeGare, CEO

We owe this courage to our military combat and operations experience. It’s this unique heritage that’s helped us become a proven and trusted resource for communications systems in the most demanding situations and harshest environments, including war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq, natural-disaster areas, and remote geographic locations. Our military experience has given us the expert knowledge and skills to get things done even when the odds are stacked against us.

We’re already in place.

With offices already established around the globe, we’re uniquely experienced in embedding skilled people in any location. Our teams are fully equipped with the skills and support necessary to thrive in unfamiliar territory. And since we’ve built strong relationships with local, national and international partners, we can more easily set up host-nation offices to meet international compliance.

Communications out of chaos.

Our employees are fully deployable worldwide, even to the most hostile environments. For natural resource explorers, warfighters, first responders and nation-building operations, we deliver secure voice, video and data via satellite communication networks that are rugged, reliable and fully scalable. These ground- and vehicle-based satellite systems provide a crucial transitional technology to deploy when other transmission methods are unavailable.

Proven logistics on a global scale.

From small deployments supporting four or five employees to complex systems integrations projects with thousands of users, Proactive has the international logistics experience to get the job done right.

We get everything in place thanks to a global service delivery platform that has been proven time and again on large-scale engagements around the world. We have the right combination of true global service delivery capabilities, flexible product architecture, on-site service and troubleshooting, as well as support and monitoring.